Witch hunt

In the play the crucible written by Arthur Miller it is a story about a group of people being accused of having deals with the Devil. To sum up the story it was about having a scapegoat and pretty much being paranoid thinking that someone is to blame for unfortunate situations that do not serve the greater good or that contradicts social norms.When the Red Scare took place many individuals were accused of being Russian spies.


If the system was different

Angela Davis came up with an ideology of a state where the police is no longer patrolling but the people within the communities did there own policing although I can see her point i still think we need professional law enforcement because in some aspects that would be a state of anarchy in some aspects.

Womens march

The Women’s march that took place this year in 2017 was a sign of unity although some people would disagree along the racial aspects of the march because it was a majority of caucasian women which some people felt was not a sign of unity. Some people think that the things that were being done at the women march would not have been tolerated if it was the majority of women of color.

Journal Entry 7

The Criminal Justice system is unjust and has a large percentage of African American being incarcerated. I think there should be more social services offered in low income black communities to prevent criminal behavior from occurring such as study programs, extracurricular programs that include art and literature.

Journal Entry 6

Another quote I found rather interesting was ” I have found that no exertion of my legs can bring two minds nearer to one another ” I think there is definitely a heavy volume of truth to this because a mental correspondence is much more effective than a physical one because they will be more of an understanding.

Journal Entry 5

” I believe that men are generally still a little afraid of the dark, though the witches are all hung , and Christianity and candles have been introduced” I found this quote rather interesting because it shows that humanity in modern times even though with a plethora of knowledge still remain in the darkness of ignorance. In the invisible man the main character is overlooked because of the color of his skin which is blatantly discrimination and that is a form of ignorance because you aren’t coming out of your comfort zone to get to know someone else.

Journal Entry 4

In Rising Up Angry the people stood up for their rights and used the bare necessities of their community such as the closest resources they had and knew. In Walden, David did the same thing but more so from an individualistic point of view he used the bare necessities of the land to survive. Also I think using the Bare necessities says it within itself to use what is available and apply it to your life for progress and content.